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Pike Brothers 1947 OG- 107 Shirt O.D. 7

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1947 OG-107 Shirt O.D. 7

The OG-107 Series was part of the regular field uniform of the United States Armed Forces from 1952 to 1963. The predecessor of the uniform was the Pattern 1947, which was the combination of the 1940s summer uniform and the actual OG-107 of the 1950s. The basic fabric was a cotton herringbone twill, as usual for the 1940s. However, the fit and details were already as from the 50s.
Typical of the 1940s and 1950s uniforms was that parts were individualized by the soldiers to their individual needs. For example, leg pockets were added to the pants or so-called pen holders were added to the shirts. We have revived these details in our OD-7s as well.
The name O.D. 7 comes from the green shade, the olive drab shade 7. Also with the color we have kept it to the legendary originals. 

Other details that characterize our 1947 Shirt O.D.7:

- 100% cotton, 330 g/m2
- Regular Fit
- pencil holder
- Pre-washed
- Made in Turkey

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