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Pike Brothers 1943 CPO Shirt Buffalo White Flannel

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1943 CPO Shirt Buffalo white flannel

The U.S. Navy CPO Shirt, also known as the Chief Petty Officer Shirt, is undoubtedly a timeless classic among outdoor shirts. This garment was designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the decks of ships. Over the years, certain materials and cuts in maritime clothing have proven to be particularly suitable.
The 1943 CPO Shirt is an outstanding example of the evolution of these garments. Originally conceived in the 1930s, the cut and material have only undergone slight changes over the decades. Some of the distinctive features of this shirt are:
The 1943 CPO Shirt is a timeless classic that embodies the tradition and functionality of maritime clothing. It is a symbol of durability and practicality, and its design elements have been preserved over the years to meet the demands of sailors.

- 100% cotton
- Authentic fit from the 1940s
- 310 g/m2
- Made in Portugal

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