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Pike Brothers 1938 Pea Coat Black Wool

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1938 Pea Coat black wool


The pea coat - a classic with military roots.

This jacket model has been worn by marines all over the world since the 18th century. The pea coat was allegedly developed by Dutch sailors who, with their long seafaring tradition, needed a garment that could withstand wind and weather.
The "Pije" Coat, as it is spelled in Dutch, describes a coat made of heavy, robust woolen fabric or woolen wool. Over time and due to its multifunctionality, the coat and its name were adopted in other languages.
Even today, this robust garment is still used on ships all over the world.  Then as now, it offers excellent protection from the elements.
We are proud to produce the Pea Coat in the same heavy wool quality as in the 1930s. The 1000g per square meter fabric is made exclusively for us by a weaving mill in Portugal from 100% virgin wool according to an old recipe. Thanks to its high grammage, the Pea Coat has the same wind and water-repellent properties as the original. 

The following details characterize our 1938 Pea Coat:

- 100% wool with 1000g/m2
- Ulster collar
- Double-breasted buttoning
- Anchor buttons
- Flared hip area
- Made in Portugal

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