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Pike Brothers 1905 Hauler Jacket Goliath Cord Mustard

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1905 Hauler Jacket Goliath Cord ustard

To haul, to pull, to carry, to drag. These are all words that very much indicate the origin of or 1905 Hauler Jacket. The origins of our 1905 Hauler Jacket date back to the late 19th century. Workers in the 19th century had to drag and haul a lot. Therefore work wear clothes had to be rugged and hard wearing. So is our 1905 Hauler Jacket.

Our 1905 Hauler Jacket is made of Goliath Cord which is the heaviest cord you can get. Traditionally it has been used a lot in European Workwear during the 19th and 20th century. Because of its rich tradition we love the fabric a lot! We are making our Goliath Cord with the traditional recipe in Germany. Although beeing very abrasion resistant our Goliath Cord is very comfortable to wear.

Further Details of our 1905 Hauler Jacket:

- heavy cord made from 100% cotton, 610 grams per square meter, woven in Germany
- regular fit
- three outer pockets
- Made in Portugal

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