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Diefenthal & Sohn 1920 Newsboy Cap Anchor Rope

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1920 Newsboy Cap Anchor Rope

100% linen
Lining material: 100% cotton
Only real with a rut and white edge on the lining band
Lining band: 66% cotton, 34% polyamide
Wearing season: spring and summer

The 1920 NEWSBOY CAP is a variation of our BAKERBOY. It has 10% more volume in the head than the BAKERBOY. This means the fabric falls looser and can be pushed to the side. It has a solid shade that can be easily bent into shape and a soft, round head that is sewn from eight spicules. A button is sewn on top of the head for decoration. The outer material is pulled over the peak to the middle. The cap has a 2 cm wide bar all around.

Our 1920 NEWSBOY Anchor Rope features a timelessly beautiful, classic weave that has been known for decades. The delicate herringbone pattern appears elegant in the natural tone. A high-quality cap with a particularly harmonious material and shape.

This outer material is easy to wear in spring, summer and also in autumn. The medium-weight fabric from the MAGEE weaving mill, made from pure linen, has a shallow drape but still gives the cap a good stand. MAGEE, one of the most traditional weaving mills in the world since 1866, woven the fabric for us.

Who doesn't know the old black and white photographs from the turn of the century. Everyone wore a hat: newsboys, longshoremen and steel workers, farmers, beggars, criminals, every trade. Back then, only noble men and women wore hats. The numerous variants of the caps were intended for busy life, mostly for work, but also for sport. The name Schieberkappe goes back to the old Berlin term “Schieber” for foreman. This type of cap was also rediscovered, now free of prejudice and class, it conquered free spirits and artists. But she still carries a symbol within her. Because no one can ignore the fact that a cap wearer exudes an individuality that would be significantly less without one.

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